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“Joey Bates is a significant contributor to my workshops and teacher training program, which include participants who are international performers, and also who are beginners with singing, and everything in between. Joey is a sensitive and masterful guide with each and every person, irrespective of their skill level or preferred style. His interweaving of the Fitzmaurice Voicework Destructuring and Restructuring with his musicianship make each tutorial an individual a unique event, allowing and inspiring each of the participants to express themselves with great joy.


Catherine Fitzmaurice - Founder of Fitzmaurice Voicework®


Singing actors are my favorite people, whether they be opera singers, cabaret artists or musical theatre actors. In their pursuit of extraordinary story telling, they begin that journey with their singing teacher. I have had the pleasure of being on that journey with these gifted artists many times over the past 30 years. Usually our work together is joyful, steady, full of humor and hard work; sometimes our work focuses on vocal health issues and rehabilitation, while still other times the work is focused on musical styles.


In my experience, first as a student of singing and then as a teacher of singing, I have found that breath is my passion. From my first lesson at age 15 up to the present day, I am convinced that the basis of a healthy instrument is breath. Throughout my teaching career I have read books, taken workshops, worked with many different breathing techniques, and in 1999 became a student of Catherine Fitzmaurice and Fitzmaurice Voicework®. This technique has proved to be a wonderful tool in my teaching.


I am convinced that there is not one way to sing, but rather a variety of techniques that help  individuals  find a way to use their breath and their instrument in a healthy  and efficient manner to help them achieve their storytelling goals. I craft my work with each singing actor in a way that works for that actor.

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