HELENA's Workshops

Sunday March 8th from 11am - 6pm with a break from 2pm - 3pm

Suitable for ages 13 and up. Limited to 18 participants. Early Bird deadline is midnight, January 31st!

(Included in the Adult Everything Package)

Early Bird:

$170 (15% off)

Speaking Voice Class

February 1st:


Monday March 9th- Thursday 

March 12th from 6pm to 10pm

Suitable for ages 16 & up. Limited to 16 participants. Early Bird deadline is midnight, January 31st!

(Included in the Adult Acting Package)

Early Bird:

$298 (15% off)

Acting Class

February 1st:



Helena’s Acting Classes 


Helena asks that you attend each class.  Of course, it’s possible to take a night off, but she is preparing this class so that it is consecutive and not a drop in. 


Helena’s acting class will give you tools so you feel more present and alive in scene. As well as more creative and inspired developing a process that will unlock the complex human experience of your character. Have a text memorized to work with a good understanding of the story. She will work with your unique and individual imaginations to build belief in story for a more authentic and truthful embodiment of scene. The work is inspired by Fitzmaurice Voicework and Organic Intelligence as well as sprinkles of many more practice based creative methods that unlock the actors unique potential. 

Helena’s Speaking Voice Class 


Helena’s Speaking Voice class is her unique approach to finding freedom throughout your range, using a variety of breathing and body techniques.  You should come prepared to move, so dress as if going to a yoga class and if you have a yoga mat, bring it along. This class will take place at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Education Building 575 S. 18th Street

Helena's Workshop Calendar

Speech and Acting classes for Adult Actors






Acting Class for Adults 


Speaking Voice


11am-6pm with a break between 2pm-3pm 






Acting Class for Adults 


Acting Class for Adults 


Acting Class for Adults 


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