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"I have found that breath is my passion. I am convinced that the basis of a healthy instrument is breath."

Joey’s interest in music theatre has included many new works in various stages of development, from readings and semi staged presentations to full productions. His orchestral repertoire includes music by Barber, Bernstein, Poulenc, Mozart, and Chausson among others.

"I am convinced that there is not one way to sing, but rather a variety of techniques that help  individuals  find a way to use their breath and their instrument."

Border Line - Only Heaven - Jay Pierce

Joey Bates is a Senior Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, conductor and music director as well as a vocal coach.

"Singing actors are my favorite people. Our work together is joyful, steady, full of humor and hard work; sometimes Our work can focus on vocal health issues and rehabilitation as well as musical styles."

Joey has served as music director of regional theatre and  of opera companies where his repertoire includes over 100 musicals, operas, and symphonic and choral works.


He concluded a 33-year career in academia, during which time he was instrumental in creating the musical theatre programs both at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio and Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama. In addition to his musical contributions to these universities he was stage director for several productions and taught speaking voice, dialects and music theatre history.

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