"It has taken me a long time to figure out just what to say about Joey. The reason, I've learned, is because sincere enough words simply don't exist to express how I feel. Joey is a life-changer. I would trust him with anything and everything. I don't leave a lot to fate, but I do believe certain people are brought to us in times of our lives that we need to help us. Joey is the clearest example of that to me. He took me under his wing from my very first day at Wright State. I've never felt more valued from a teacher and friend. One of my favorite memories of Joey was when he was conducting Ricky Ian Gordon's "Joy" as he lead a brilliant orchestra and choir. The smile and pure JOY on his face is something I'll simply never forget. I wish that we all could have the passion, drive, kind heart, wit, and compassion that Joey has shown to me and those around me. I can only hope to work with him again in ANY capacity. I'd honestly jump at the chance without looking back for a single second." David Kotary - Finding Nemo (Disney World)



Joey Bates has the ability to tune in to his students and their needs in a way that is immediate and effective. He has a wide range of musical understanding and knowledge that he uses to the benefit of his students. In working with Mr. Bates I have witnessed and experienced his mastery in the process of connecting his students to his or her voice. With his sense of humor and support to the individuals process, he brings great joy to the experience. I have but the highest regards for Mr. Bates and his work.

Ilse Pfeifer - Master Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®



"Joey Bates saved my voice. This may sound like a strong statement, however it is the truth. Joey taught me countless voice lessons at Auburn University. Before Joey, I was self taught. I knew I had a big voice, but had no idea how to use it healthily. Joey did not only teach, he listened. He heard something in my voice during one rehearsal. I simply thought I was hoarse, but through the intertwining of his knowledge of Fitzmaurice Voicework Destructuring and Restructuring, Joey was able to pin point that something was terribly wrong. He immediately connected me to the best Doctor in the southeast and two weeks later I was undergoing vocal fold surgery to remove a blood-filled polyp. Joey's sensitivity to the instrument of the artist's inspired me to listen to myself in order to preserve vocal health. Joey is a blessing to work with. if you care about sustaining and maintaining your vocal health, Joey Bates is the way to go."  

Shanna Henderson - Nashville Recording Artist and Glee Project



“Quite simply, the man is a master. His unique brand of humor and his lightness of spirit coupled with the demandingly high standards he sets for his students sets the stage for tremendous growth. Joey helped me find my voice, figuratively and literally, and I'm a better actor and man for having known him.” Ryan Imhoff - Actor



"Although I am now a certified Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework ®, I first came to Joey Bates as a student and teacher-in-training. It is difficult to express how deeply his teaching changed my training and experience of myself as a performer, teacher, and whole person. Joey saw something, not just in my singing voice but in my spirit, and worked with inspiration, gentleness, and playfulness to empower me to see it too. At the end of singing week, I experienced a breakthrough that remains a defining moment in my life. He gave me back my voice – a voice I never knew I had. And I am forever changed." Jenny Newbry



"Joey Bates knows almost everything there is to know about the voice. He brings out the best in his students through knowledge of strong vocal technique and performance. I’ve known Joey for over a decade as an instructor and a friend and continue to trust his opinion on any audition or production material I’m working on.” Nick Verina -  Follies (Broadway) www.NickVerina.com




"When I first met Joey Bates...I was scared of my own voice. I held lots of pre-conceived notions about what "good" singing was, and what it meant I had to do. Joey is excellent at seeing you as an individual and unique performer. He does not have a 'one size fits all' technique, and every student I've known him to have grew immensely in the time they spent together. With him being such a wonderful pianist it was easy to build my art first with notes, then phrases, and later beautiful accompaniment alone. By helping me to break down physical (and sometimes emotional) blockages created through years of bad habits, he helped me to discover so many new colors to my instrument. I'm forever grateful to him as a teacher and more importantly, a friend. This new endeavor makes me happy for tons of reasons...but the biggest one is I get to study with Joey again! Life is good!" Ebony Blake - Book of Mormon (Ensemble - National Tour)


"Joey Bates was my voice and singing teacher in my undergraduate training. His patience, kindness, and perceptiveness make him an exceptionally gifted teacher, but moreover it is his determination to always do what is best for his students that earned my undying respect for him as a teacher. As a director and music director, his openness to new ideas, creative insight and primary goal to serve the play make him a remarkable artist to have in the rehearsal room." John Tourtellotte -  Actor/Fight Director/Stage Combat Instructor